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By Roni Landau 08 Oct, 2017

The fantastic hover effects that were recently added to the Navigation and Photo Gallery widgets are now available in several more widgets. Add cool hover effects such as grayscale, float, blur and more to images and icons in the following widgets:

  • Image 
  • Icon 
  • Social icons 
  • Restaurant menu 
  • List widget

By Roni Landau 01 Oct, 2017

Do you have customers with multiple properties or products to sell, rent or lease?

The new Real Estate template is a perfect start for building their website. In addition to using it for real estate agents, it can be used for car dealerships, hotels, and more. 

The template has a rich Contact Form, so customers can easily collect important information from site visitors. 

It also has a list for describing key features, a blog for posting news, and the new Photo Gallery, designed to show off your customers' images in their very best light. 

By Roni Landau 26 Sep, 2017

If you’ve ever wanted to highlight a single word in a photo gallery, underline a sentence in an image slider description or explain more about a specific ingredient in a restaurant menu, we’ve got great news for you. NOW. YOU. CAN.

You now have Rich Text flexibility that includes adding links, bold , italics , underline , color, and bullets in the following widgets: Photo Gallery, Image Slider, List, Restaurant Menu and the Contact Form Submission Message. 

This enables you to boost your design possibilities and effectiveness by highlighting specific words (rather than the entire paragraph) in the description elements of these widgets.

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do with Rich Text:  

  • In the Image Slider, choose different text colors for each slide to compelment the image colors.

  • In the Restaurant Menu , use bold or italics to draw attention to important ingredients or special dishes.

  • In the List Widget, integrate bullets in a Team Member’s description to describe their diverse roles in a company and make them stand out. 

  • In the Contact Form Submission Message, increase conversions by adding a link to get More Info.

By Roni Landau 26 Sep, 2017

Every website has something to say, and with Duda’s new predesigned Text Block Sections , it's easier to say it in style.

When you add Sections to your site, you’ll find 13 gorgeous Text Blocks Sections that provide beautiful combinations of text and images that are appropriate for any website. 

As with all Duda Sections, Text Block Sections speed up the design process by making it easier to create gorgeous, eye-catching websites for your customers.

By Roni Landau 25 Sep, 2017

Discover Duda’s newly renovated store, designed to boost visitor engagement, increase your design control, and build a better shopping experience. The new store has a gorgeous new storefront, extensive design capabilities, more stylish layouts, easier editing and more.   

A few of the highlights:

By Roni Landau 25 Sep, 2017

Show off your customers' website photos with the new and improved Photo Gallery widget. It has more features and design options than before. Most importantly, it's faster than ever! See all the improvements here:

By Roni Landau 17 Sep, 2017
Enjoy terrific design flexibility with the new Text & Image Widget, which enables you to add images with wrapped text.
Don’t be fooled by this widget’s simplicity. It opens a world of design possibilities.
Use it to display new products, special events, team members and more. 
By Roni Landau 11 Sep, 2017

Lovin’ Duda’s new Sections? If you have a restaurant website or two, we’ve got 8 mouthwatering new Restaurant Sections just for you! 

These Sections speed up your design process by making it quick and easy to add perfectly designed sample menus, full menus, coupons, and more to your sites.  

By Roni Landau 11 Sep, 2017
You’ve now got even more font options, with 15 gorgeous new Google Fonts at your fingertips.
You’ll find these perfectly designed fonts right inside the platform.
By Roni Landau 03 Sep, 2017
Add a dynamic touch to your websites by enabling your header to shrink and stay fixed at the top of the page while scrolling the page with the new Shrinking Header capability.

The Shrinking Header is a smaller version of the site header, enabling you to keep important navigation information fixed without distracting users as they scroll down a page and without taking up too much space. It acts as a sticky header but shrinks the size of the logo and removes its spacing to make it smaller. It is particularly useful in sites that have large headers, and sites designed for long scrolling.

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