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By Roni Landau 12 Nov, 2017

With shopping season moving into high gear, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your customers’ online stores with these conversion-oriented improvements. Help your customers boost sales with customized storefront options and product layouts.

By Roni Landau 06 Nov, 2017

Looking for new ways to enhance your customers’ stores?
Interested in adding alternative payment gateways, shipping labels, product reviews, and more.

Every store with 100 or more products now has access to selected apps in Ecwid’s App Market from directly inside the site store Control Panel. From this App Market, you can install free, freemium, and premium apps that provide additional store functionality.

By Roni Landau 22 Oct, 2017
  • Ever built a page that’s so perfectly designed you want to reuse it over and over again?

  • Ever designed a row so well that your colleagues want to use it, too?

  • Or maybe you have several customers in the same industry and want to save time when building their websites?

By Roni Landau 25 Sep, 2017

Show off your customers' website photos with the new and improved Photo Gallery widget. It has more features and design options than before. Most importantly, it's faster than ever! See all the improvements here:

By Roni Landau 17 Sep, 2017
Enjoy terrific design flexibility with the new Text & Image Widget, which enables you to add images with wrapped text.
Don’t be fooled by this widget’s simplicity. It opens a world of design possibilities.
Use it to display new products, special events, team members and more. 
By Roni Landau 11 Sep, 2017

Lovin’ Duda’s new Sections? If you have a restaurant website or two, we’ve got 8 mouthwatering new Restaurant Sections just for you! 

These Sections speed up your design process by making it quick and easy to add perfectly designed sample menus, full menus, coupons, and more to your sites.  

By Roni Landau 03 Sep, 2017
Add a dynamic touch to your websites by enabling your header to shrink and stay fixed at the top of the page while scrolling the page with the new Shrinking Header capability.

The Shrinking Header is a smaller version of the site header, enabling you to keep important navigation information fixed without distracting users as they scroll down a page and without taking up too much space. It acts as a sticky header but shrinks the size of the logo and removes its spacing to make it smaller. It is particularly useful in sites that have large headers, and sites designed for long scrolling.

By Roni Landau 30 Aug, 2017
Now your in-person payments (via Square) can go into the same account as your online transactions.
Using the Square payment processor, you can collect credit card payments online, easily and securely, using the same account.

To add, go to: Manage Store Panel > Settings > Payment > Credit card drop down and enable Square credit card. 
Available in the premium store. 

By Roni Landau 30 Aug, 2017
Email customers who have not finished checking out and remind them to complete their purchase. This can help you close more sales and convert a higher number of shoppers to customers. You can either send these emails manually or automatically to users who have entered their email address.

You can send emails to any shopper who entered their email address during the checkout or to any user who has created an account with your store directly.

This feature is available on the 2500 product plan.
By Roni Landau 06 Aug, 2017

Duda’s new Image Picker just got even better. 

In addition to having millions of free images, great GIFs, and powerful image management tools, you can now add premium Shutterstock images to your websites directly from the Image Picker. You’ll find millions of professional, high-quality images to choose from, all of them available for just $3 each.

Adding high-quality images to your websites gives you greater flexibility in conveying your customers’ messages, so you can build high-converting sites that are engaging, authentic and attractive. Of course, having high-quality images in the websites you build also boosts your own website portfolio.

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