Release Notes: June 14th, 2016

  • By Cody Zimmer
  • 14 Jun, 2016

Release Highlights

  • Contact form : You can now integrate the contact form with external services, including Google Sheets and Webhooks. The contact form also now allows file attachment, which will allow site visitors to attach multiple files to any contact form submission.
  • New templates : Exciting new templates, including Jazz Festival, Pest Control, and Auto Repair.
  • Performance improvement : Reducing the time to open the text editor.

Design flexibility / Editor enhancements

Forms integration - Submit form details to other services :  The contact form is one of the best tools site owners have for managing communication with site visitors. By collecting the data which is submitted in contact forms and provisioning it to other services, site owners can communicate better with their site visitor and convert them into paying customers. Previously, this data was available only in a static Excel spreadsheet which can be downloaded from the stats page (or via API). We now allow site owners to connect their forms to external services. In this release, we are supporting the integration with Google Sheets, and the ability to use Webhooks (see full description below). In our July release, we are planning to enhance this solution by integrating with MailChimp and Constant Contact.
    • The configuration on form’s integrations are available in the new Integrations tab in the Form’s edit panel.

    • A few integrations can be configured at the same time (per form). This is an enhancement to Duda’s form’s submission download file which is still available.

    • In case of multiple forms per site - Each form can be integrated to a single integration type (i.e. Google spreadsheet), but multiple forms can be integrated to the same target (i.e. collecting form responses from several forms to the same Google spreadsheet).
The new Integrations tab in the form’s editor
An integration with Google Spreadsheet :  Google Sheets integration provisions the form submissions data to a single Google spreadsheet. The site owner is required to have access to a Google account and to authenticate to this account. Once authenticated, the site owner can select an existing spreadsheet to integrate with, or to create a new one. Clicking on the button will open the spreadsheet in a new tab.
Webhooks integration : By using Webhooks, site owners can submit form responses to any external service which supports Webhooks. This allows limitless integration options with third party services. Form submissions can be provisioned to  Zapier / IFTTT and many other platforms providing a real CRM solution. In order to integrate with an external service, the site owner should set the Webhooks endpoint, then paste the URL into the Webhooks field.
Webhooks endpoint configuration
An example of Webhooks integration with Zapier
Contact form’s file attachment :   A new option to attach a file when submitting a form. Links to uploaded files are available in the form submissions’ download file (and in any of the form integrations).
Setting an attachment field in Contact form
New templates :  We are releasing three new templates - Jazz Festival, Pest Control, and Escape Room.
Jazz Festival template
Pest Control template
Auto Repair template
Performance improvement  - Reducing the time to open the text editor :  This is a regression which was caused by a recent change in Google chrome and increased the time to open the text editor to up to 4 seconds (every time, not only for the first time). We have done some performance improvements in order to reduce this time by half (for the first time), and to less than a second (in recurring events). We are proceeding to work on overall performance improvements on an on-going basis.

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