Release Notes: May 8th, 2016

  • By Cody Zimmer
  • 27 May, 2016
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Release highlights

  • SSL for runtime sites : A fully automated SSL solution is provided for Duda responsive websites. (coming soon)
  • New templates : Consulting and Soap & Suds.
  • Option to add conversion code (Adwords/Facebook etc) when submitting a contact form.

Design flexibility / Editor enhancements

  • SSL for runtime sites :  We now have a secure HTTPS / SSL connection for Duda’s responsive websites. The solution is based on an integration with Let’s encrypt, which can automatically generate an SSL certificate for each Duda responsive website with a custom domain.
  • Once a DudaOne site is published and configured with a custom domain, you can navigate to the “Site URL & Secure Connection” section, and click on “Generate Certificate”. 
  1. The process is fully automated and may take up to 30 minutes. 
  2. During the provisioning process, an “In progress” status indicates that the request is being handled. 
  3. Once completed an approval email is sent to the account owner.
  4. You can switch-on the force SSL option making sure that the site will always be accessed via SSL.
  5. An SSL certificate is never deleted by Duda unless the you click on the “Remove certificate” link.
  6. The sitemap of the site is also updated to include the https links
Generating an SSL certificate via the “Site URL & Secure Connection” section
  Displaying SSL certificate status in the dashboard
New templates : We are releasing two new templates - Consulting and Soap & Suds.

Consulting template
Soap & Suds template
Contact form conversion code : We added a new option that allows customers to add Adwords or other conversion code to the contact form settings. Once a form is successfully submitted, this code is executed in the browser in a hidden iframe. It allows you to run ad campaigns pointing to Duda sites and track form submission conversions.
  Adding a Form Conversion code in the Form editing panel (Submittions Settings tab)

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