New! Customize Your 404 Page

  • By Roni Landau
  • 06 Aug, 2017
The new customized 404 page is a great way of optimizing every visit to your websites, even ones in which site visitors get lost.

When life gives you lemons…make lemonade!

Reaching a 404 page is not an ideal experience, but it happens. Sometimes, visitors enter the wrong URL; other times, they reach a URL that’s no longer active. Whatever the reason, visitors who reach a 404 page need to be sent to another place on your site.

Until now, all Duda sites have had a default 404 page that directs users to the site homepage. This page is still available, but you can now create a customized 404 page if you like.

The customized 404 page has all the design capabilities as a regular site page. You can add any widgets that you want, including videos, images, text and buttons, so that your customers’ 404 page promotes their brand while directing visitors in the right direction.

Best practices for an effective 404 page

We suggest the following best practices for customizing your 404 pages:

  • Let visitors know that the page they are looking for can’t be found.

  • Provide helpful content that encourages users to stay in the site.

  • Help visitors find the information that they are looking for by suggesting they visit another page.

  • Add a contact form or Click to Call button so they can reach your customer if needed

  • Use the same style and design that you’ve used for the rest of the site so customers know they are still in the site.

To customize your customers’ 404 pages, click Settings on the left side panel and click the "404 Page" tab

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