Announcing: Shutterstock Integration

  • By Roni Landau
  • 06 Aug, 2017

If one picture is worth a thousand words, then this new capability is worth millions!

Duda’s new Image Picker just got even better. 

In addition to having millions of free images, great GIFs, and powerful image management tools, you can now add premium Shutterstock images to your websites directly from the Image Picker. You’ll find millions of professional, high-quality images to choose from, all of them available for just $3 each.

Adding high-quality images to your websites gives you greater flexibility in conveying your customers’ messages, so you can build high-converting sites that are engaging, authentic and attractive. Of course, having high-quality images in the websites you build also boosts your own website portfolio.

Exclusively through Duda - Try before you buy

Not sure how images will look on your website? No problem!

You can add watermarked premium images to your sites, so both you and your customers have a chance to see exactly how the images look before purchasing them. Just add the premium images with a watermark and then send a preview of the site to your customers. This gives them a chance to approve the site before you purchase the images.

Control who can purchase images

Don’t want all of your team members to be able to purchase images? Control which team members can buy images through Roles & Permissions. While all team members can add watermarked premium images, only the team members you specify will be able to purchase.

Note that customers cannot purchase premium images through the Image Picker, but they can see the images you purchased for them.

A world of possibilities

Having access to so many types of images (free, premium & GIFs) opens a world of possibilities for your websites. To find out more about using high-quality images to create great websites, join Duda & Shutterstock for a joint webinar on August 10, 2017. We’ll be talking about how boosting your website portfolio with gorgeous, image-rich websites can help you can attract and impress more customers.

To learn more about integrating images into your websites, see our support article

For answers to any image licensing questions, click here

Join us for a special webinar with a guest from Shutterstock and learn how a strong image strategy can help you build better websites. Register here 

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