New Photo Gallery! 

  • By Roni Landau
  • 25 Sep, 2017

Show off your customers' website photos with the new and improved Photo Gallery widget. It has more features and design options than before. Most importantly, it's faster than ever! See all the improvements here:

Faster than ever!

Want to have 10s or even 100s of photos in your website gallery? NO PROBLEM!

The new gallery uses lazy loading, which means we only load images when a site visitor scrolls to them. This results in improved page speed and a better user experience. Try it yourself and you’ll be amazed!

Layouts, layouts and more layouts! 

You’ll find more layout options, both for the image captions and for the full gallery.
You can build galleries with rounded or tear-drop shaped images, display text and buttons prominently on images (this is best for mobile), and more.
Choose from 10 gorgeous pre-designed gallery layouts and remember: you can customize any of these layouts as you like.

Hover effects - the more the merrier

Who doesn’t love a good hover effect? You can now add a variety of cool effects to your Photo Gallery images, making your customers' websites more attractive and eye-catching!
Add a blur effect, grayscale the images, zoom in, display a shine effect, add opacity and more. (Note that hover effects are only available on desktop sites).
You can also add animations to your images. Choose from animations including zoom, slide in, fade, bounce and more. 

Captions with buttons - I'll click to that!

Alongside the title and description that you can add per image, you can now add a button, too. Link the button anywhere that you like, either inside or outside of the website.
You can control button design and location, positioning the button either beneath the image or on top of it. 

Reorganized for easier editing 

To make your editing experience easier, we’ve reorganized the widget's Design Editor to make it more intuitive. To make editing the widget even faster, we suggest using one of the pre-designed layouts.

Automatically Fit to Frame

All gallery images are automatically optimized to fit the frame in which they appear, saving you valuable editing time. If you want to adjust the image size yourself, just turn off this capability and edit as you like.

Go on, try out the new Photo Gallery widget on your customers' websites. You won't stop playing :)

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