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By Cody Zimmer 01 Sep, 2015
Watch this guide to learn about ultimate website customization -- setting up your own mobile domain. Learn how to create a URL, or use our detailed guides for major domain hosts.
By Cody Zimmer 01 Sep, 2015
To make your website really feel like home, you can buy and apply a custom domain. Once you’ve bought your desired domain name, you can set up the CNAME (forwarding) via your domain host, and then you will be ready to go!
By Cody Zimmer 27 Aug, 2015
Setting up mobile redirect is the final step in making your site mobile-friendly. Check out our guide to adding automatic mobile redirect, or for working with major domain hosts.
By Cody Zimmer 24 Aug, 2015
Learn tips and tricks for choosing a domain name for your Duda website.
By Cody Zimmer 22 Aug, 2015
Watch this guide to connecting your domain to your responsive website.
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