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By Cody Zimmer 05 Apr, 2016
Wouldn’t it be great if your website could change itself based off of your visitors? Showing different content for things like time of day, visitor location, or the device type they’re using?  Well, it can, using Duda’s content personalization feature, inSite.
By Cody Zimmer 24 Sep, 2015
Introducing the personalization plugin for Wordpress!  Bring the power of website personalization to your Wordpress site, with the new personalization plugin.
By Cody Zimmer 17 Sep, 2015
Duda CEO and cofounder Itai Sadan introduced new personalization tools for the responsive website builder that help increase engagement and sales!
By Cody Zimmer 14 Sep, 2015
Learn about Duda’s personalization tools and how they can help you boost engagement and sales!
By Cody Zimmer 08 Sep, 2015
Check out this video guide to learn about using Duda's Personalization Tools for your holiday promotions! Tricks include coupons, customizable backgrounds, and special personalization rows.
By Cody Zimmer 08 Sep, 2015
Learn how to help your first-time visitors navigate your website by creating a welcome video with Duda's Personalization tools!
By Cody Zimmer 06 Sep, 2015
We know that website personalization yields fabulous results. Watch this video to learn how to create your own personalization rules that will engage your followers and increase your sales.
By Cody Zimmer 04 Sep, 2015
Check out the results Cabrillo Plumbing achieved from using website personalization, and learn how to replicate their results!
By Cody Zimmer 22 Aug, 2015
Check out the results Cannonball Wine Company achieved from using Duda's personalization tools, and learn how to replicate their results!
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