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  • By Roni Landau
  • 06 Nov, 2017

Looking for new ways to enhance your customers’ stores?
Interested in adding alternative payment gateways, shipping labels, product reviews, and more.

Every store with 100 or more products now has access to selected apps in Ecwid’s App Market from directly inside the site store Control Panel. From this App Market, you can install free, freemium, and premium apps that provide additional store functionality.

To access the App Market, simply click the Apps tab in your store Control Panel, and then click App Market.
Note that the Control Panel has had a nice facelift, too!

A few words about the App Market and its apps.

  • The apps that have been selected for the embedded App Market only affect the store. None of them will affect the website.

  • These apps were developed by third-party developers. For premium apps , payment goes directly to these developers. Duda and Ecwid are not involved in any way, and cannot grant refunds.

  • All related support issues must be directed to the app developers. Duda and Ecwid are not responsible in any way.  

You can read more about the new App Market in this support article or visit it directly from any store site.

Happy Shopping!  

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