Release Notes: March 20th - Widget Builder, "/" in URLs, and More

  • By Roni Landau
  • 20 Mar, 2017

Release Highlights

  • Widget Builder: Powerful new Pro capability - Now live in beta
  • All "/" in URLS: Improve site SEO by adding "/" in the URL
  • Other Enhancements: Improved stats dashboard and Pages panel expand / collapse

Introducing Duda's Widget Builder

For Pros only! Create amazing, just-what-you-need widgets to add to your websites with Duda’s new Widget Builder, now live in beta.

Increase your site capabilities by integrating with 3rd party services, expanding your design possibilities, and anything else you like. You can show an Instagram feed, display an outsource calendar, create a designed testimonial widget, and more. 

To explore the Widget Builder and be inspired with a couple of example widgets, go to the DudaPro tab and click  Widget Builder

For full details on how to use the Widget Builder, see this documentation .

Allow “/” in Page URLs

This widely requested enhancement is great for SEO, as it makes it easier for site pages to be indexed and enables a more structured site map. By adding “/” to page URLs, you can use page hierarchy when setting page names. For example, the URL for the staff page on your site can now be:

 To change your page URLs, go to the Pages panel, click Settings beside the page you want to change, and click Page URL.  

Other Enhancements

  • Expand / Collapse Pages in the Pages Panel: For websites with multiple root pages, this enhancement makes it easier to keep the state of each page while working in the editor; for example, when switching between the Pages and Widgets panels.

  • Stats Dashboard Addition for Better Tracking:  Get a deeper understanding of how visitors reach your site with additional info in your Stats dashboard that enables you to distinguish between a site’s organic and paid traffic.

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