Release Notes: January 17th 2017

  • By Roni Landau
  • 18 Jan, 2017

Release Highlights

Limited Content Editing: Limit customers' editing capabilities - Exclusively for DudaPros
Multi-Language: Quickly translate sites into other languages - Now in the new editor
Beautiful New Templates: Nonprofit and Home Decor
Multi-Location: Show multiple business locations on a map - Now in the new editor
Other Enhancements: Editor localization, increased image gallery flexibility, restaurant menu improvements, and more. 
API Enhancements: Content injection API, new capabilities, and updated APIs

Brand New! Limited Content Editing (Only for DudaPros)

Protect the quality of your websites with the new limited editing permission, available only in the new editor. With this permission, customers will only see the Content Menu when they click on a widget, and will only be able to edit text, images, and other elements available in that menu. They will not be able to add, remove or change a widget’s location on the page, and they will not have access to a widget’s Design Menu and settings.

This means customers can make small changes to their website without having access to sensitive areas such as the Widgets tab, Global Design, Pages & Popups, and Site Settings.

Multi-Language - Now in the New Editor

Make customers’ websites available to more visitors using our automatic website translation feature.
It enables you to quickly translate any website into 62 countries/48 languages.
Just click Pages in the left menu bar and click Add site languages.

Beautiful New Templates

Check out these gorgeous new templates:

  • Home Decor: This attractive template is perfect for customers with stylish showrooms.  
  • Nonprofit: Ideal for not-for-profit customers that have lots of good news to share.  

Other Enhancements

With this release, you’ll also find these improvements:

  • Improved image gallery: Adjust the height of gallery images, enabling even more layout options.
  • Multi-Location: Allow your customers to show multiple business locations - Now in the new editor.
  • Restaurant menu improvements: It’s even easier to build menus now that you can edit content after syncing with an online menu.    
  • Editor localization:  The new editor is now available in Portuguese, Spanish LATAM and Dutch.

API Enhancements

Our Set Content API allows you to develop generic templates using placeholders (i.e., {{placeholder_key}} and replace them with real content with a simple API call. By replacing placeholders with HTML tags / CSS properties, you'll enjoy these improvements:

  • Content can be updated via multiple API calls (vs. a single injection in the past).
  • Images can be uploaded and injected.
  • HTML code and CSS properties can be injected.
  • This API can be used to inject content into sites, but we also have a new set of APIs that provide more control over template design.

These enhancement provide greater flexibility, allowing you to design generic templates and reuse them for different verticals, languages, etc.

New APIs

  • Inject Content API: Inject content by leveraging HTML tags (for HTML files) and CSS rule-set (for CSS files). This API supports three main use-cases (InnerHTML, DOM attribute, CSS content) in both sites and templates. (**In templates, a base-site alias should be provided, see below).
  • Get Pages API: Returns all existing pages in a site or template.
  • Get Page API: Returns a single page in a site or template.
  • Update Page Name API: Allows changing current page name and title.
  • Delete Page API: Allows deletion of an existing page.
  • Upload Resource API: Allows uploading an image to the Duda platform and getting the internal URL; this can later be injected into an image element (i.e. image widget, image slider, image gallery, etc.)

Updated APIs

  • Get Templates API: Now returns the site base alias for non-Duda custom templates which can be used in any of the above APIs.
  • Set / Get / Delete Permissions APIs: Supports the new Limited Editing mode with a new permissions value - “LIMITED_EDITING”.

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