Release Notes: December 27th, 2016

  • By Roni Landau
  • 27 Dec, 2016
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Release Highlights

  • Info & Tools Panel:  Faster and easier access to site info and tools
  • Beautiful New Templates: Law Firm & Academic Tutoring templates
  • Contact Form Integrations: Now in the new editor  
  • Custom HTML:  Add tools such as live chat to customer dashboards and editors  
  • Other Enhancements: Full width option, editor localization 

Brand New! Info & Tools Panel

Save time by accessing site information and tools from one handy spot - the brand-new Info & Tools panel. Open from the Info icon in the top menu, and you’ll find several tabs containing site information and tools:

  • Site Info: See site name and status.  
  • Preview Link: Get a sharable preview link to the website that shows edits that haven’t been published yet.
  • Add Customers: If you’re a DudaPro, go directly to Users & Permissions, where you’ll be able to give customers access to their site, and control their level of access, so they can edit it on their own.  
  • Site Stats: See stats from the past week or month, send them to your customers, or go directly to your Site Stats page.
  • Editor Language: Switch the editor language from directly inside the site. (Note that this doesn’t affect the website language.)
  • Experimental Features: This functionality, which enables you to activate new features before anyone else, was moved here from the top menu.

Beautiful New Templates

Check out gorgeous new templates, built with improved functionalities in the new Duda editor.

  • Academic Tutoring: This one-page template features the improved Photo Gallery, with several new layout options.
  • Boutique Law Firm:  This new template, ideal for customers who want a lot of online content, features the improved List widget.

Contact Form Integrations - Ready in the New Editor

Contact Form integrations are now activated in the new editor. If you’re not yet familiar with this functionality, these integrations allow Contact Form data to be sent automatically to a 3rd party service, making it easier for website owners to manage their communications with site visitors. This makes it easier for them to convert visitors into customers.
Services available are:
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact 
  • Webhooks

Custom HTML

Insert your own custom HTML into your Custom Branding so that you can add external tools such as Google Analytics to your customers’ dashboards and editors, and see how your customers are using your website builder.
You can add Google Analytics, live chat programs, feedback systems and more.

Other Enhancements

You’ll find several more improvements with the new release, including the following:

  • Full width option - You’ll find a new Full Width option in several widgets, enabling you to set the size of the widget to the full row or column, regardless of the device screen being used. The Full Width toggle option is available in Photo Gallery, Image Slider, Image, Map and Video.
  • Localization - The new editor is now available in German, Italian, and English (UK). More languages will be released soon.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for a great 2016, and wish you an even better 2017. Wishing you health, happiness and a year filled with beautiful websites.

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