RELEASE NOTES: April 19th - Developer portal, status page, “/” as home URL and more

  • By Roni Landau
  • 19 Apr, 2017

Release Highlights

  • Developer Portal: The new home for Duda technical documentation and examples  
  • Status Page: Track the operational status of the Duda platform
  • SEO improvements: Improved home page URL and redirects on updated URLs 
  • New map provider: Mapbox is the new map provider for all Duda widgets and features
  • Marketplace: You can now promote your store on Marketplaces

New Developers' Portal

You are invited to explore our new Developer Portal .
The portal includes all Duda API and Widget Builder documentation, both technical documentation and useful examples.
We’ll update the portal regularly with new content, so bookmark it for easy reference.

Duda Status Page

Want to know the status of the Duda platform? You can now track the operational status on the Duda status page, updated daily.

You can subscribe for email or SMS notifications when the page is updated. 

SEO Enhancements:

  • Homepage default link - Links to the site homepage now use the standard “/” format instead of “/home”. This applies to both new and existing sites. Pages indexed as “/home” will continue to work as usual.

  • Change URL auto redirect - When changing the URL of a live site, you can now automatically redirect the old URL to a new one, so there won’t be any issues with broken links and indexed pages.

Maps provider

MapBox is the new map provider for all Duda websites. We switched the map provider to allow more map features in the future, including enhanced styles and layouts, step-by-step directions with real-time traffic, map overlays, and more.

Some details about the change:

  • Mapbox will be used for all Duda supported products, including the Responsive Website Builder, DudaMobile, and Web Personalizations (formerly known as inSite). Relevant to all  location-based widgets and features (map widget, multi-location, content library, etc.)
  • User experience stays the same, with auto-complete, search for business addresses, and map layouts in the new editor.
  • The look & feel of maps in live sites will be nearly identical to the current one.
  • Nothing is required from your end. We are handling the change automatically, both in the editor (design-time) and in live sites (runtime). There is NO need to republish live sites.

Marketplace eCommerce

Marketplace is a great place for you to promote your products, outside of comparison engines and your own website.
Online marketplaces are websites that aggregate product information from a wide variety of sellers, where millions of users search for and compare products to purchase online. 

For more information, see:

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