Release Notes: June 7th, 2015

  • By Cody Zimmer
  • 07 Jun, 2015
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Video backgrounds, button animations, image slider enhancements, and more.

Editor enhancements

Video Background:  A new design option allows DudaOne users to add a video as a row’s background. This option is available in the row’s editing panel, under the Design tab.
  • We support Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Video copyrights need to be owned by the user (this is the user’s responsibility).
  • Video auto plays when the site is loaded, and plays on a loop. 
  • Video player does not show playback controls.
  • No sound is played.
  • This feature only works on desktop, auto-playback is not supported on mobile browsers.
  • The video will be on the whole row (no spaces).
Video background in the row’s design section
Image Slider Improvements:  Our major motivation was to allow users to add design elements on-top of the images in the slider. In the image slider editing panel, clicking on each image opens the advanced options.
There are two available layouts. Each layout can be added separately to each one of the images.
Layout #1 : Title, sub-title, button
Layout #2 : Text
  • Slide content can be switched on and off.
  • The users have a full control over the content and style of each element.
  • The horizontal position of the elements can be edited and an entrance animation effect can be added.
  • The button’s link is controlled by the slide link.
  • In order to remove a design element just delete its text.

General improvements

Sites search enhancement in dashboard:  We are enhancing the sites search in the dashboard by adding search tags (similar to Gmail). The first tag which was added is “user:” which allows PROs to search for sites which were assigned to a specific user. Enhanced search options will allow improved management capabilities for account owners with a large number of sites.
Advanced search option by using search tag “user:{user_name}”
Add site URL to stats email’s subject line:  We have added the site URL to the stats email subject in order to help site owners having a better understanding of the analytic data they see.

Stability and Performance

Improve DudaOne editor loading time:  We continue to work on performance tasks in order to improve the editor’s loading time. This sprint we have covered the following items:
  • Minimize animations where possible
  • Show content on screen as soon as possible
  • JS Improvements

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