Release Notes: September 15th, 2015

  • By Cody Zimmer
  • 15 Sep, 2015
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Chrome Notifications, Disqus Comments, New Templates and Plan Updates.


  • Chrome push notifications : Site owners can send notifications to site visitors via Android devices and the Chrome browser. Supported both in DudaOne and DudaMobile websites.
  • Disqus comments widget : Allows site visitors to read/add comments via Disqus.
  • Enhancements to post permissions : Edit post author and publish date; HTML element added allowing users to add custom HTML code to posts.
  • Templates : Four new templates have been added to DudaOne templates gallery.
  • Share publically partners’ custom templates : Duda can now promote partners’ custom templates by presenting them in Duda’s templates page (under the partner’s brand) and allowing other users to use those templates.
  • Updates to plans : Edit-per-device is now included in ALL DudaOne plans; Chrome push notifications available in Business plan and higher.

Editor enhancements

  • Chrome push notifications : This feature was released as part of the September 2nd Hotfix. Please click here for full release notes:
  • Disqus comments widget : Allows site visitors to read and add comment via Disqus . After adding the Disqus shortname to the widget’s settings, comments from Disqus will be shown on the website, and site visitors will be able to add their comments in the site.
  • Disqus administration is handled by the Disqus service. The Disqus administrator can update the discussion’s settings, moderate comments, and analyze engagement.
  • When adding the Disqus widget to a blog (in post’s design template), comments are counted at the top of the post page. Please note that there is a small delay between new comment submissions and comment counter updates.
Adding a Disqus widget to the website

Blog enhancements

Edit author name : Author name can now be edited from the Post Settings page by account owners and staff users. Once the user starts to type a new author name, a drop-down list is presented with suggested author names (using auto-complete). Author names can be account owner/s, staff users (with Blog permission), and customers with Blog permission for this specific site.

**Please note that customers have only the option of “Assign to me.”
Editing a post author name as an account owner
The “Assign to me” option for customers
Edit post publish date : All users with Blog permission can edit the post publish date.

**Please note that changing the post publish date does not affect the order of posts.
Editing post publish date
Post HTML element : This new element allows post authors to add their own HTML code to blog posts, dramatically improving the flexibility of elements that can be added to blog posts (which, until now, were limited to divider / text / image / video). The HTML editor allows simple code editing.
The HTML code editor - Part of the post’s HTML element


We are releasing 4 new templates: Yoga, Lifestyle, Exhibition, and Portfolio. Those templates were created by our designers using DudaOne editor.
**Please note that templates created using this method do not support conversions from an existing URL or a Facebook page, and cannot be localized.
Yoga template
Lifestyle template
Exhibition template
Exhibition template
Share publically partners’ custom templates : This new feature allows us the share partners’ custom templates in our templates page while promoting their brand. We are going to start with a single template.

Updates to plans : We have made a few changes to our current offerings:
  • DudaOne : Edit-per-device is now included in all plans, including the following design options: Hide-per-device (widgets); Hide-per-device (pages); Set site background per device. 
  • DudaOne : Chrome Push notifications are included in Business plan/ higher.
  • DudaMobile : Chrome Push notifications are included in the Premium plan.

General / API enhancements

  • New API : Get sites which were published during the last N days : (supported only for DudaOne API) Used by partners for internal billing processes. API path: /api/sites/multiscreen/published?lastDays=N
  • New API : Get sites which were unpublished during the last N days : (supported only for DudaOne API) Used by partners for internal billing processes. API path: /api/sites/multiscreen/unpublished?lastDays=N
  • Add Site publication status to all Get Site APIs : Valid values - Published, Unpublished, Not published yet.
  • Add localization support for Get Template API : A lang parameter was added to the Get Template and Get All Template APIs. The template name, which is returned by the API(s), is translated based on our internal translation capabilities (currently German and Portuguese are supported).

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