Release Notes: October 17th, 2015

  • By Cody Zimmer
  • 21 Oct, 2015
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Password protected pages, Inline editor enhancements, & Dashboard changes.


  • Password protected pages: Site owners have the ability to restrict the access for certain pages.
  • Templates: Two new templates have been added to the DudaOne templates gallery. 
  • Inline edit enhancements: Advanced options have been added to allow better control over row/column padding, including column selection on mobile view.
  • Dashboard navigation changes: Dashboard has been edited to highlight PRO features.
  • New permissions for Chrome push notifications: Site owners can now customize permissions for Chrome push notifications.

Design flexibility / Editor enhancements

Toggle column/row padding on/off in the context menu: By default, we add padding in each new column or row. This new feature allows the users to disable/enable the default padding from the column’s and row’s context menus. In addition, we have added column selection to the selection options in mobile view. This way, the padding can be moved per device.
Enable/Disable default padding in column’s context menu
Enable/Disable default padding in row’s context menu

Design improvements

Password protected pages : Site owners can now use this new feature in order to lock certain pages by using a password. The password in turn can be sent only to specific site visitors who are allowed to access the locked pages.
Feature details:
  • Password protected pages are part of Business+ plan and up.
  • The feature is available on all types of pages including: home, blog, store, pages that are hidden from navigation etc. 
  • It cannot be customized per device 
  • Users can have a different password per page. 
  • A password is defined per page. 
  • Password logic - minimum of 1 character. 
  • We save the passwords by using cookies. 
Setting a password from the manage page’s context menu
Page password popup in runtime
New templates : We have added two new templates - My bicycle blog and Jane photography.
**Please note that currently those templates do not support conversions from an existing URL or a Facebook page, and cannot be localized.
When viewing source, make sure there are no references to Duda in the code nor in favicon : We have made sure that when viewing the platform’s page-source, the Duda favicon will not be presented. This is true also for sitemap.XML

General enhancements / API enhancements

Permissions for Chrome push notifications : The notification center is now controlled via a special permission.
New Push notifications permission for Staff user (customers supported as well)
Dashboard navigation changes : A few changes have been added to the PRO dashboard:
  • The Duda logo was switched to “Duda pro”.
  • Resources links were added to the navigation which point to the Resource center.
  • **Please note that similar links (Product training, Case studies, Webinars) were added also to SMBs. For partners we have also a direct link to the Sales collaterals page.
  • The copy of the help link was switched to support (both to partners as well as SMBs).

inSite for wordpress

Popup action was added to inSite for WP on September 20th.This is a really cool and requested feature that allows you to build beautiful popup messages with all the combination of the inSite triggers.

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