Release Notes: November 15th, 2015

  • By Cody Zimmer
  • 17 Nov, 2015
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New templates, Full width image backgrounds, & Inline editor improvements

Design flexibility / Editor enhancements

Inline text editor - Remove all formatting : Removes any custom styling / formatting from the text and reverts to the default one.
Full width image for transparent header effect : A new option was added to background images - Full width positioning. It makes sure background images are stretched from left to right while preserving the original height / width proportions. This option was added to all types of image backgrounds - site, row, and column. When using this option in the site background image, a nice design effect can be achieved for transparent header.
Full Width option in Site background image
In this example the header is transparent and looks as “floating” above the background image
Improved UX in Photo gallery edit panel : A new indication was added that the “Number of columns won't affect the other devices”.
Developer mode - Enable Header HTML in Dev Mode : Available only in case of flexible header.

Design improvements

New themes : Three new themes are released - Product, Bakery, and Barber shop. All the three themes are single pagers and the default designs are deeply connected to the specific verticals.
**Please note that currently those templates do not support conversions from an existing URL or a Facebook page, and cannot be localized.
Product theme - Mainly for tech companies
Bakery theme
Barber shop theme

General enhancements / API enhancements

An enhancement to email of form submission : When opening the email sent to the site owner after form submission in a mobile device, the phone number is now clickable and allows the site owner a quick dial-in to the site visitor who submitted the form.

Stability and Performance

New templates creation flow : Two new enhancements are released as part of this project, which will allow us more design flexibility when designing new templates.

Redesign default pages for custom templates : Till now, when a user added a new page to a site which was created by a custom template, the page’s default design was derived from the Duda template which was used to create the custom template.We have redesigned the default pages in order to have them more aligned with the look & feel of the custom template:
  • Text style is derived from the custom template’s global text style.
  • A new set of default images is used in all custom templates.

Default images are used in default Gallery page
Support default eCommerce stores in custom templates : A custom template can now be mapped to an Ecwid default store template. Once this is done, the default store’s configuration (content - categories, products, images, etc.) can be used as part of site creation flow. The template should include a store page by default.
** Note that currently we have only a manual process in which Ecwid store template is extracted. This is something we are working with Ecwid in order to automate it.

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