Release Notes: December 14th, 2015

  • By Cody Zimmer
  • 15 Dec, 2015
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Release highlights

  • Have the option to link images in an Image Gallery to internal / external pages.
  • Three new themes - Record Store, Blank Parallax, and Blank Parallax RTL (in Hebrew)
  • Have the option to add Alt-text to a Logo element.
  • Auto-submit sitemaps to search engines (including eCommerce categories / products URLs).
  • Have the option to set sticky header (**experimental feature).
  • Have the option to enable / disable background image parallax per row (**experimental feature). 

Design flexibility / Editor enhancements

Add links in Image Gallery : A new option in the image gallery allows site owners to add links to the images in the gallery. Once enabled, a link can be added to each one of the images. In run-time, when a site visitor clicks on a linked image, instead of opening the image in a lightbox, he will be redirected to this link. Note that when the links option is enabled it affects ALL images in the gallery.
Enabling the Link option in Image Gallery
Editing link for a specific image in the Image Gallery
Open Developer Mode by default for all users with a permission : As part of our effort to simplify the left-bar menu, we have removed the Developer Mode section. Developer Mode will be available by default for ALL users with the sufficient permissions (account owners and staff / customer users with Developer Mode permissions). Note that Developer Mode is still available only in the Business+ plan and above, for users in lower tier plans, clicking on the button in the top-bar will cause an upgrade message will be displayed.
In a free site, Developer Mode cannot be accessed from the top bar presenting an upgrade message
Select the active color in the color picker : A small enhancement to the color picker. When selecting a color, we mark now the selected one in the Recent colors. It should make designers’ life a bit easier when using a set of similar colors. Another small option which was added is to reset to list of Recent colors. Again, designers should appreciate it.
Marking the active color in the Color picker + having the option to reset the recent colors
Crop logo per device : It is possible now to crop a logo per device.
Have the option to crop a logo per device
Prevent the users from changing free headers to fixed ones in custom templates : Custom templates expose some limitations in our platform which are mainly relates to the original design of the original templates from which custom templates are derived. One such problem is related to flexible headers - In case the users switch back to fixed headers, we use a default header design from the original template which is most cases does not fit the custom template design. Therefore, we now prevent users from from switching back to fixed header in custom templates with flexible headers.
Have the option to add Alt-text to a Logo element : We have added the option to add Alt-text to Logo, similar to the one that we have for standard images.
Design update of Status column in Post Manager
Show Sticky Header control : Have the option to set the header as a sticky header (not scrollable). **Note that this option is currently available as an experimental feature.
Set the header as a sticky header
Parallax controls on rows : Enable / Disable row’s background image parallax effect. **Note that this option is currently available as an experimental feature.
Parallax control on row

Design improvements (runtime)

New themes : Three new themes are released - Record Store, Blank Parallax, and Blank Parallax RTL (in Hebrew). **Please note that currently those templates do not support conversions from an existing URL or a Facebook page, and cannot be localized.
Record Store theme
Blank parallax theme
Auto-submit sitemaps to search engines : We now auto-submit sitemaps to Google and Bing every time the site owner publishes / republishes his website. In addition, we have managed to add eCommerce categories and products pages’ URLs to the sitemap - It will make sure the store’s content in discoverable via search engines.
An example of sitemap.xml with store / categories / products URLs

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