New Tablet Editor: Edit Your Sites, Everywhere!

  • By Roni Landau
  • 22 Oct, 2017

Introducing the new tablet editor

The improved tablet editor gives you full access to the Duda responsive website editor via tablet.

With slick UI and a touch-friendly design, you’ll be able to create & publish sites, edit, add & remove widgets, and upload images,  anywhere you are.

Site building freedom for you and your customers

With the new tablet editor, you and your customers don’t have to be at the office to build or edit sites anymore. You can do it from your customer’s place of business, on a train, at a coffee shop etc.
In short, you can do it anywhere you like, from any tablet device.

Touch-Friendly Design

We've redesigned some key elements in the editor, so that you can edit your sites quickly and easily, anywhere.
These changes include making elements bigger to suit your fingertips and enabling you to add widgets inline, instead of drag & drop.
Here are some of the highlights:  

Black bar menu
Tap anywhere on the site and a black menu bar appears, enabling full editing access. From this handy bar, you can add widgets inline, edit them, and move them anywhere. You can also access the settings menu and go to a link (if the widget is connected to one).
To delete, tap the settings icon and then tap delete.

Widget panel
The widget panel opens inline and contains all Duda widgets. Just tap on the widget you want and it will appear inline below the initial selection.

Move mode
To move a widget from one place to another, tap “Move” on the black menu bar. The widget you've selected will be highlighted, and you can then drag and drop it anywhere on the page.

Top bar
Icons in the tablet editor top bar are wider than on the desktop editor, for easier editing. To access the Dev Mode, Support and Dashboard, tap the "More" icon at the far right. 

Larger widget handles
To make dragging and resizing widgets easier, we've made the widget handles bigger.

Row and section labels appear on tap
To minimize distractions while you edit, row and section labels only appear on tap.

The new tablet editor in action

Here are just a few ideas of how tablet editing can boost your productivity:

  • Load images to a store: Take photos of new products with your tablet and upload them directly to your store.

  • Fix errors on the fly: Catch a typo after business hours? Now you can correct it immediately on your tablet

  • Set personalizations on the go: Your client wants to remove a notification or add a coupon? You can set the personalization rule directly from your tablet.

To experience Duda’s new tablet editor, simply go to  on your tablet and log into your Duda account.  

For more details about the tablet editor read our support article .

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