New Blank Template - With Cool Design Trick!

  • By Roni Landau
  • 13 Nov, 2017

The new blank landing page template has everything you need to build a sleek one-pager for a new product, app, or company. 

It’s a solid structure for starting any website, and includes key sections including Features, How it Works, Testimonials, Plans and Contact.

All of the sections are neatly arranged in a single page, with anchors connecting each section to the shrinking header at the top. This means site visitors can find their way around the site quickly, regardless of where they scroll on the site. The minimalist design makes it easy to customize to perfection.

Notice the wave in the middle of the template?

You can use this cool design trick in any website that you like. To replace the background behind the wave, go to the Design panel, click Site Background and replace the background image. You can also do this with a row background.

As for the wave shape, it’s simply a PNG that sits on a full bleed row. To change the shape, build a PNG with your design tool and replace the wave shape image.  

To get started with this template, click here .

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