Create & Share Your Own Sections [Beta]

  • By Roni Landau
  • 22 Oct, 2017
  • Ever built a page that’s so perfectly designed you want to reuse it over and over again?

  • Ever designed a row so well that your colleagues want to use it, too?

  • Or maybe you have several customers in the same industry and want to save time when building their websites?


You can now do all this (and more!) with Team Sections, a unique new functionality that enables you to save rows, sections and entire pages, share them with your team, and use them over and over again. 

It's the real game-changer that will totally transform how you and your team build websites.

Build once, use anywhere!

With Team Sections, you can reuse anything that you’ve created, in any other site that you build. Simply save the row / rows / full page as a section and add it to any site in your account.You can also create a section from scratch, building it once and reusing it as often as you like.
Just replace the content and your perfectly designed section is ready to go.

For example, most sites have an About Us section. If you create an awesome one for one site, you can now save it and use it in another site. Or you can copy a terrific menu that you’ve built for one customer and use it in another customer’s restaurant site.

For more details on how it works, see this support article.

Faster site building process

Your entire site building process will be faster because once you’ve designed a section or page, you never have to redesign it again.
Just save it as a section and use it again.

Also, as with Duda’s  pre-designed sections , the sections you build yourself take on the global design settings of any site to which they are added. This saves you even more time.

Colleagues & customers can use them too

Team Sections will help your entire team! 
Let your colleagues use your sections, and they’ll save time building websites. You can also allow customers (who have site editing permission) to access your sections, so they can use them when editing their own sites.
Once your entire team is creating sections, you’ll have a huge pool of sections to choose from, meaning more sites in less time. 

It’s all about simplicity

There are two simple ways to create sections:

1. To save rows from an existing site, open the row context menu and select Save as Section. This enables you to save as many rows as you like (and even the entire page).

2. To create a section from scratch, just click the “+ add section” between rows on any site and then click Create Section.  

Once you’ve saved your section, you can add it to any Duda site and edit it as you edit everything else in Duda.

And this is only the beginning...

Using sections to build sites is a new way of building websites that’s unique to Duda, and sure to save you time and effort.
We’re working on more tools to help you and your team work better together, so stay tuned for more updates.
In the meantime…

Happy Section Building!

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