Securing Your Sites: Duda Now Provides Free SSL Certificates - Webinar Replay 

  • By Cody Zimmer
  • 08 Aug, 2016

About this webinar

Security on the internet has always been a concern, but in recent years it has garnered a lot more attention. Many of the big players in the web industry have responded by trying to encourage website owners to secure their sites using SSL certificates. For example, Google gives a slight SEO benefit. However, up until now, this was an additional service that the site owner would have to pay for.  

This didn’t sit well with us. So we decided to join a bunch of other key industry players and   security advocates in sponsoring the Let’s Encrypt project, with the aim of providing free SSL certificates to every site on the internet.  

Watch this replay to learn all about how Duda has implemented this new feature, what a free SSL certificate means to you and your website(s), and what this push to secure the internet means for tomorrow’s web.  



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