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By Cody Zimmer 10 Sep, 2015
Mobile Conversion 101: To learn how to convert your site to mobile, check out our video guide to creating new sites and converting sites that already exist.
By Cody Zimmer 09 Sep, 2015
This video is an overview of our mobile Editor.Check out this video guide to editing pages.
By Cody Zimmer 08 Sep, 2015
To learn more about Duda’s site navigation, watch this video and check out our related links!
By Cody Zimmer 07 Sep, 2015
Check out this video for more information about optimizing color and styles.
By Cody Zimmer 06 Sep, 2015
Duda's Mobile Website Builder backs your site up automatically every time you publish; however, you can also choose to back up manually. Learn more about site backups by watching our video guide to the backup feature.
By Cody Zimmer 05 Sep, 2015
The Mobile Website Builder makes editing your site super easy, even for mobile. Learn how to edit elements, including moving and deleting, by watching our video guide.
By Cody Zimmer 04 Sep, 2015
Adding elements is super simple. Let us walk you through the process in this video guide to element adding, with special instructions for design, business, and social elements!
By Cody Zimmer 03 Sep, 2015
Learn how to rename, copy, hide, add, delete, and edit pages in the DudaMobile Editor with this video guide.
By Cody Zimmer 02 Sep, 2015
Managing your mobile site settings is simple with Duda! Watch this video guide to learn about managing your General, SEO, and Advanced settings.
By Cody Zimmer 01 Sep, 2015
Watch this guide to learn about ultimate website customization -- setting up your own mobile domain. Learn how to create a URL, or use our detailed guides for major domain hosts.
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